Lepufo Ufology

June 20, 2008

OK, I’m fully charged so I can talk nicely, and thought I’d tell you all what my home world is like and how I came to be here. As you may know, I’m from another planet, and crashed here a while ago. Things are a bit different there, some of us get born softbodies, and some robots, but you never kno who’s gonna be what.

So, is all nice and everything, some robots just hang round with other robots, some sofbodies just hang round with other softbodies, but is pretty good for a robot and softbody to make friends, so can help each other. Softies more quick and flexy, robots strong and go on for longer.

So, few years ago I met a nice robot, all blue and get my jokes and that, so we go on ventures in spaceyship and is lots fun. Went to planet with tentacley hexapods on it, and we met one and it got cross and went blee blee blee but then robot talk blee blee blee back and it was friendly and then we went home.

Then went to planet with giant purple amoeba beings on it, and we met one and it got cross and went znark znark znark but then robot talk znark znark znark back and it was friendly and then we went home.

Went to planet with giant floating eyes on it, and we met one and it just kind of hung there but then I flashed my eyes at it and it was friendly and then we went home.

So then we heard about this planet where gangly ape people lived and thort we should go see before they all got frozen or whatever, but then our ship crashed and robot got thrown out and I haven’t found yet, but I’m starting to like it here because some of apes are Ludens and help us have lots of ventures here.

Oh and robot is called Ufology



Household Items

June 20, 2008

for Mission 13 I went round Luden house and found stuff to make me feel homey like:

First I made an insulatey house from some poltysyrene stuff, good for keeping warm and quiet, and looks nice and space age too

Then I made like a landing pad out of some speekers, nice and silver and grippy, but also good for makin lots noise all at once, could say, like “Where are you robot?” and it’d be really loud, get heard long way away.

Made a spacey looking tower out of glass ashtrays, candle holders, pots and that, good for beacon, to like show way for spaceship or guide robot home, etc etc

This old toy make real good control panel, for working spaceship, but need to get angle right, or all fall down real easy.

Finally I made a Radio Tower out of some tripods, good for signalling and hearing what other spacebunnys saying as they zip round world.

Getting quite happy here, with all my new things, was good place to crash, beep beep


Loki’s Story

June 18, 2008

I seen this dockermentry thother day where this lil girl an her Avatari dog get all suckt up in a big spirallyness and goes all teckernical coloured and lotsa lil peeple there too an fairies and stuf.

Then cos she lonely she maked frens wiv floppy man and growly fraidy cat and metally rabot man who go rust lots.

Then somefink wiv funny flyin monkeys happen that i dint unnerstand kwite, so we innore that bits.

Anyway, they melts a horid lady wiv water i fink, mebe she made ov sugar lumps or summink, so a man called We’s Ard of Us givs them prezzies, no barters or nuffink.

He givs them nice stuff like kurrige an branes, but mainly the one I like is that he givs the rabot man a hart for luvin wiv which is nice innit?

So, anyway, since you has got a rabot man who is lost rite now, I has made a hart for you to giv to him when he gets home so can we barter it for your cape now yes/no?

Maybe hart same as soul too, whatchoo fink?

forgot to say. Lil girl gets home OK in the ending, so all Ok, eggsept she glo all blackwhitegrey again after home. cant hav evryting


Lepufo Braine

June 17, 2008

Here are some things that might help you understand my braine, or maybe they are my braine, I’m not sure anymore:

UFOs PO RABBITS – This has some talking about UFOs (Silly name for spaceships I think) but if you scroll down there is something about “UFOs PO RABBITS: Synchronicity and Systems of Meaning”. The idea is you say “Po” in betwen things and get clever or something. Read about it. There’s a bit down the end talking about Pookahs, so that’s where I go next. Po.

RABBITS PO POOKA – This talks about Pookas – a kind of trickster spirit, I s’pose Avataris are a bit like that, or is it the Ludens? At the end says there’s a film about a Pookah, called Harvey.

POOKA PO HARVEY This site is very nice designed, and tells all about the film “Harvey” which has an 6′ invisible rabbit in it. Don’t know how they showed that, but sounds good anyway. It talks about pookahs stopping time and is this related to Alice’s White Rabbit?

HARVEY PO ALICE This is some Sapien’s page about teleporting by thinking about it as far as I can tell, sounds like a good skill, but to do it you have to not think of any White Rabbit somehow, might be tricky for me, maybe Loki’s Zen stuff can help me. He randomly mentions someone called Camus at teh end. Who he?

ALICE PO CAMUS Oooh, lots of clever people here, parently Camus was an existentialist, and shows Sapien lifeway is absurd so should be Luden or something. Some stuff about logic and sillygisms and at end talk about cat hearts?

CAMUS PO CATHARSIS This is all about Camus book “The Stranger” and looky here: “Locked into the routine of daily existence, his life is a shapeless void without ideas, preferences, goals, or emotions. Like a robot, Meursault responds to everything automatically, neither feeling nor caring.”

CATHARSIS PO ROBOT This article talks about letting off steam in videogames and that “in most animals play is preparation for real life” – think got this wrong way round tho.
(was almost this but other seemed more relevant)

ROBOT PO PLAY Turned out to be a theatre type play, not Luden play, why is called that? do they play on stage? maybe cos play acting? “The Czech word robota means “drudgery” or “servitude”” which is a bit sad to me. Enyway, is a kind of sciencey fiction story about making robots.

PLAY PO SCIENCE-FICTION Tells there was a radio play about aliens invading in UFOs and people got muddled between what was true and pretend, is very like the Game I think.

SCIENCE-FICTION PO UFO Sapiens seem to make lots of films about UFOs, but still not sure if they like aliens or are just acared of them? Fortunately Ludens are a bit more clever.

That’s a nice place to stop for now, lots to think about, night night



June 9, 2008


Gloss Eary

June 8, 2008

Some words for Mission 41

Glowspace: The space we can see through the glowy window – Sapiens call it a web, think they have robot spiders and and that there. talked about bfore here and see being used here and here

Rustly-rustle: thin sheets of wood or sometimes other things (plarstik?) often used for putting glyphs on talked about here

Typinglooksing: special kind of learning Sapiens do without using their thinkingness – information is summoned with hands, come in eyes and out mouth talked about here

Wiffy Smell: (also wiffie, whyfie etc) This is a special kind of sniff that glowboxes and some miniglowboxes can use to get to information that’s hidden in this kind of invisible chemical (actually not at all sure how this works, but seems to be so) talked about here

see also smellzone talked about here

Glyphs/Hieroglyphs: (These are Sapein words but Ludens use them bit different) Shapes that mean words, usually on rustle-rustle but might be on glowbox or even floor talked about here, here and here

(been told these last ones are already in Glossary page, oops)

Glowbox: This is a complicated box, with a shiny face, that Sapiens use to do lots of things, usually they make them cross, but we can use them for useful things like learning and making friends. talked about here

Miniglowbox: This is a different thing to a glowbox, although some Sapiens have ones that are very similar to Liddy Glowboxes. They are carried around and more used for talking into. Some Sapiens have 2, suspicious sign. used here


Relevant Places

June 7, 2008

These are some places that are relevant to me, for mission 4


This is where I landed, I think my ship might be buried underneath this pile of stones



This is somewhere I went to look for my home, although I think this place becoming more home now



This is a bit like a field, best I could find here, also has tower for lectric and I like that too



This might be my favourite place at the moment, has lots of good stuff, this is for solar powered things like me

Tried to talk to these lights- no luck though.

These were a lot more chatty, think I deciphered some messages from home

Forbidden Place

This is a shop with lots of interesting things about space and stories and spaceystories. Little green rabbit was nice, but had no Luden yet

Forbidden Place

View Flickr map here