Household Items

June 20, 2008

for Mission 13 I went round Luden house and found stuff to make me feel homey like:

First I made an insulatey house from some poltysyrene stuff, good for keeping warm and quiet, and looks nice and space age too

Then I made like a landing pad out of some speekers, nice and silver and grippy, but also good for makin lots noise all at once, could say, like “Where are you robot?” and it’d be really loud, get heard long way away.

Made a spacey looking tower out of glass ashtrays, candle holders, pots and that, good for beacon, to like show way for spaceship or guide robot home, etc etc

This old toy make real good control panel, for working spaceship, but need to get angle right, or all fall down real easy.

Finally I made a Radio Tower out of some tripods, good for signalling and hearing what other spacebunnys saying as they zip round world.

Getting quite happy here, with all my new things, was good place to crash, beep beep


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